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There are a number of central heating magnetic filtration products on the market, however I always recommend Adey Professional Heating Solutions Magnaclean.

Magnaclean have been developed by the industry leading company that pioneered magnetic filtration. These filters are already protecting nearly 1.5 million heating systems in UK homes removing virtually 100% of the damaging suspended black iron oxide sludge that builds up in all central heating systems.

Magnaclean FAQs

How long will Magnaclean last?

The Magnaclean filter is a one-off purchase which is designed to last the lifetime of the heating system.

Are there any running costs, when using a Magnaclean?

As the Magnaclean is a one off purchase there is no need to buy any filters or cartridges unlike some products . Cleaning the Magnaclean should be included in your annual boiler service.

How much does a Magnaclean help in saving energy/fuel?

The Magnaclean removes magnetite and sludge in a heating system reducing the risk of deposits within the heat exchanger. It is the elimination of debris blocking pipes and components that ensures the efficiency of the boiler is maintained, in turn keeping fuel bills low.

Can the Magnaclean be used with all makes of boiler?

The Magnaclean has been designed to work with any boiler or heating system.

Can a dirty system be cleaned by Magnaclean?

Magnaclean  will help to clean the system over time, however we recommend the system be flushed to remove any existing magnetite and sludge, then a Magnaclean  to be fitted to maintain system cleanliness.

Here is a short video of how the Magnaclean works:




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