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When was the last time your gas fire was serviced?

Did you know around 30 people a year die from carbon-monoxide-poisoning?

Fires, can pose a high risk when it comes to carbon-monoxide-poisoning, if they are not serviced regularly. This is because a fire is an open flued appliance which takes air from the room to help the gas burn. This means if the fire is not burning correctly or the flue/chimney is blocked the fumes can come back into the room where the fire is situated.

What symtoms will Carbon-Monoixde cause?

The six main symptoms to look out for:

  1. headaches
  2. dizziness 
  3. nausea 
  4. breathlessness 
  5. collapse 
  6. loss of consciousness

A short video about Carbon-Monoixde poisoning.

For more information on Carbon-Monoixde click here.

On a service I will do the following:

  • I will make sure the fire is installed correctly in accordance with the manufactures instructions and relevant gas regulations.
  • I will remove the fire (When possible) to check the fire catchment space and do a visual check on the chimney.
  • I will do a flue flow test using a smoke pellet, this will test the integrity of the chimney and make sure it has terminated correctly.
  • I will visually check your loft space to make sure the chimney has not leaked any smoke into it from the flue flow test- smoke pellet test.
  • I will clean the fire, including coals and burner.
  • Make sure the fire is burning correctly.
  • Check the gas pressure is correct at the fire, if not, adjust. (when possible)
  • Gas Rate the appliance to make sure it is using the correct amount of gas.

I strongly recommend anyone with an open flued fire to install a carbon monoxide alarm.

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