Gas Leak Investigation Service

Here is a short video, on a simple, but effective, procedure if you do smell gas.

National Gas Emergency contact number in case you do smell.

0800 111 999.

What happens when I call the National Gas Emergency phone number?

A call handling agent will log all the appropriate details onto a computer. The kind of information you'll be asked for will include:

  • The address/location of the suspected gas escape or gas emergency
  • How many people are at the property where the smell is most noticeable?
  • How long the smell has been noticeable?
  • Is the smell coming from the cellar/basement?
  • Are any neighbours affected?
  • Your name and phone number
  • Any special circumstances or access information

Getting accurate address details is very important as they want to make sure they send engineers to exactly the right place. You will be asked to verify these details for this very reason. Your address and postcode are particularly important.

You'll be asked a series of questions designed to help us build a picture of the reported gas escape or gas emergency. From these details, we can identify the right gas safety advice for you - such as:

  1. Opening doors and windows;
  2. Turning the gas off at the meter unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement;
  3. If the Meter is in the basement, evacuate the building;
  4. Avoid using any naked flames or electrical switches.

Once you have contacted the National Gas Emergency team, they will send an engineer to investigate. This can take up to 2 hours for the engineer to arrive if it`s a controlled leak and up to an hour for an uncontrollable leak. No Need to Panic, if you have followed the simple procedure in the video or the steps above you will be safe.

The engineer will investigate and make safe, but he will not fix it. You will need to contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come and repair the leak.

If you require a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair your gas leak, please call: 01642 284034 or 07421353327




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