Central Heating Flushing Teesside

Do you get your oil changed on your car regularly?

So why do you not get the water cleaned and chemically treated inside your heating system?

The biggest cause of heating system failure is the poor quality of water that runs through your radiators and boiler.

This problem is caused by Iron-oxide, you will know this as black sludge. The black sludge is caused by metal radiators and water reacting together to produce rust. Eventually this turns black and starts to stick to everything within your heating system, causing failure to major parts such as pumps, divertor valves and plate heat exchangers.

Even a small build-up of sludge results in the following system failings and aggravation for millions of householders:

  • Noisy boiler
  • Radiator cold spots / cold at the bottom
  • Low heat levels – always needing to turn up the thermostat
  • Leaking valves
  • Higher than necessary energy bills
  • Wasted energy
  • Central heating system maintenance call outs and costs
  • Central heating system part failure and breakdown

Here is a short video by the market leading manufacture, in the prevention of black sludge build-up, Adey Professional Heating Solutions.

Once your system is sludge free, we make sure it stays that way by adding a rust inhibitor at the correct dosage to give your system long term protection. Adding inhibitor is recommended every 2 years to help prevent the build-up of sludge in your system. 




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